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București, România

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For 20 years now, Integrisoft Solutions operates in the software development field, creating business applications targeted to public sector, small and medium enterprises. We are focusing mainly on product development & support and, lately, on custom software.

Given our strong commitment to continuous improvement, we have evolved steadily both in terms of personal development and technology.

On the personal development side, Integrisoft is proud to have provided courses and materials that help people discover their meaning, their talents and supported them to grow. We like to celebrate people, successes, we like to help others and to build continuously.

On the technology side, we develop our own frameworks that help us deliver complex solutions using web and mobile applications.

Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction promoted us as market leaders in the segment we are addressing: integrated solutions for local government.

Since this is a highly demanding domain, having high performance requirements and allowing very few errors, we consider we have passed a difficult market test, so we are ready to take on new challenges.

We thus sustain our mission of being a reference in the market, a vivid example in terms of business, products, people and team management.

Our strategic direction is investing in people and building efficient teams. Our team has doubled in just 3 years, despite the harsh economic conditions and the competition on the human resources market.

Integrisoft is a place where we can grow together.

Is this what you want to do ? Would you like to put your talent and personal resources together with ours and aim for new challenges ?

If so, come and join us ! It's not easy, but it's rewarding !