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Global Leading Conferences (GLC) is an industry
leader in the field of business intelligence.

We provide Business platforms and networking opportunities
to senior level executives by bringing them together in highly interactive
events, such as:


 Being customer focused and having our client's
priorities in mind, are among our core values and essential to the way we
operate our business. Our passion for client satisfaction and result, drive us
to work with industry players closely to better understand
their interests and day to day issues, in order to deliver
the most impactful events.
 We are specialized in major industries such as; Pharmaceutical,
Finance, Energy, Oil & Gas, IT & Communication Sales
& Marketing, Law and Human Resources. Our commitment is to deliver
the latest information to our clients, while maintaining the highest qualities
and standards. 

 By attending GLC events your company shall
benchmark advanced strategies, gain the latest knowledge and
a competitive edge while enjoying a 5 star environment.


Infobase S.R.L.

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