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Immofinanz Services Romania

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București, România


IMMOFINANZ is a commercial real estate group with European focus, having as core business the management and development of retail and office properties in selected Central and East European countries. In the office sector, we concentrate on the capital cities of the core countries and the major office locations in Germany with our international “myhive” brand. In the retail sector we have the STOP SHOP brand for retail parks and VIVO! for shopping centers.


In addition to the professional management of these properties, we focus on value-creating growth through our own development projects and acquisitions – always with the goal of strengthening our standing investments and sustainable cash flow.

IMMOFINANZ property portfolio has a carrying amount of roughly EUR billion and covers 223 properties. We focus our business activities in core markets including Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Our local teams in each of these core markets are the guarantee for strong service orientation and customer satisfaction.

IMMOFINANZ is a double listed joint stock, being traded both on Vienna and Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We are looking forward to you joining our team!