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Strada Coriolan Brediceanu, 10, Timișoara, România

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HELPLINE - a digital service provider - is empowering the digital transformation of organizations. HELPLINE is definitely oriented towards the service quality to users and to its customers' customers. At the interplay of business usages and IS, HELPLINE works in the heart of companies' top priority projects. HELPLINE is well known for rolling out innovations that guarantee to its customers the best level performance.

HELPLINE boasts 200 customers and has had a sustained and constant growth since its creation in 1994. It achieved a turnover of 120 M€ in 2015. Thanks to its seven offices in France and abroad, HELPLINE offers a wide range of services :

    • Business Service Management : centers of excellence and project management for business units

    • IT Solutions Management : IT server expertise, Cloud, fixed and mobile workspaces

  • User Experience Management : centers of excellence and user outsourcing for IT management

In line with this array of services, the 2,500 employees of HELPLINE cultivate a common Vision : the performance and success of the digital transformation of organizations are based on the balance of three key components : People Digital Business.