Haufe-Lexware SRL


Strada Gheorghe Lazăr, 24, Timișoara, România


2010 was an extraordinary year for both group consolidation as well as international expansion of the Haufe Media Group, due to its newest addition: Haufe-Lexware Romania. Starting in June that year, we have set-up an exciting software research and development center in Timisoara.

Our goal is to provide software professionals with a chance to develop top quality products using the latest development environments. The mission is to grow Haufe-Lexware Romania to one of the top software houses in Timisoara. „German quality software” is our motto.

Over 80 skilled and dynamic developers are working in close collaboration with their peers in Freiburg to develop mobile, desktop and web applications, as well as cloud services for all the above. The team is set for further growth in coming years.

We are interested in the young minds. Our involvement in university activities has given students opportunities for training, internships and part time jobs. Noteworthy examples are: Best Engineering Competition, Excite and Liga AC LABS.

We also continuously support the local developer community. We are involved in organizing events such as TiMo Dev, Codecamp, Testing Camp, HackTM and our developers are skilled presenters and active community contributors.