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Strada Paris, 9, București, România

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GRX is a company that aims to provide for its clients a “stress free” IT environment, that just works. We expect that all the projects we are involved in will generate tangible benefits for the companies we work with. Also, as mentioned in a movie related to moon landings, from our point of view “Failure is not an option”.

We are focused on the financial services market, where we have long standing collaborations with banks and insurance companies.

Human resources are the backbone of our services and, as such, we make sure that our employees have a friendly working environment that enhances productivity and that generates the premises of success stories.

GRX was established in 2015 as a purely Information Technology Consulting services company covering a very specific niche of high-class assurance and consulting services.

At GRX we aim to fulfil our customers business needs enabling people and businesses to achieve their full potential. This is our mission. We are a team of young and passionate IT-savvy guys and girls working on top-notch consulting projects in Romania and across EU.

Our values both as individuals and as a company, defined at the very foundation of our organisation, are: integrity, passion for people, personal excellence in day by day work through means of self-motivation and self-improvement, accountability for quality and commitment.

All services we provide are flexible, adjustable and oriented on needs, with the purpose of bringing the highest added value to our customers while enabling our people to work on their dream job.


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