Garanti Bank SA

București, România

Garanti Group reunites Garanti Bank, Garanti Leasing, Garanti Credite de Consum and Garanti Credite Ipotecare, which carry on their operations on the local market under Garanti’s leadership. The three non-banking institutions complete Garanti Bank’s range of products and services with specific leasing products (financial leasing - cars, equipments and real estate - and sales & leaseback) and fleet management services, consumer finance products such as sales finance and personal loan, as well as dedicated mortgage products for house or land acquisition or for refinancing purposes. Garanti Group serves overclients.
Garanti Group is owned by Turkiye Garanti Bankasi (TGB), Turkey's second largest private bank by asset size with the highest capacity to generate recurrent banking revenues. As a universal bank with leading presence in all business lines, Garanti serves to more than 10 million customers in corporate, commercial, SME, and consumer segments offering fully integrated financial services through its 9 financial subsidiaries that include payment systems, pension, leasing, factoring, securities and asset management.