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Tarcău, România

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Romanel Group is the second largest producer of whitewood and beech wood in Romania. As a vertically integrated wood products company, it manufactures and sells timber, bark, chips, sawdust and firewood. Its state-of-the-art production, sorting and drying lines allow it to sell annually aboutcubic meters of whitewood. Romanel is also one of the most invested hardwood producers in Romania, with an annual output capacity of aboutcubic meters of beech wood and European oak. The region is also rich in more valuable species such as beech, oak, cherry, ash, maple and lime. Romanel has a range of capacities stretching from harvesting of trees, conversion of logs into boards, drying into timber ready for use, shipping of merchandise from Braila or by container and delivering to the biggest hubs globally. Our brand is present in many warehouses in Europe, the Middle East, the Gulf region and Asia.

Our 3 state of the art sawmills are located on the eastern side of the Carpathian Mountains, home to the best quality forests in Romania.

1. Forestar (whitewood)

2. Vatra Dornei (whitewood)

3. Roznov (hardwood)

Through its real estate department, Romanel owns and manages several lands, buildings and shops in Bucharest and outside the city as well as its own port terminal in Braila (eastern Romania).