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București, România

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Fabrica Flash Production, the advertising production factory offers, based on the client's demands, personalized solutions and applications for a very wide range of visual communication materials.


  Innovation is essential for the success of any endeavor. Flash's expertise in the field of advertising production is based on the permanent improvement of our services as well as on the promise of an excellent client service experience, flexibility, on schedule delivery and efficient cost management solutions.


  Fabrica Flash Production promptly delivers high quality products and services. Our team of experts and the latest technology, ensure the high standards of professionalism that helps build long lasting partnerships. Also, along with a national presence Fabrica Flash Production is extending its activity and partner portfolio in France, Belgium and Hungry.

What we do

Printing department - rigid and roll to roll

  We print a wide variety of materials for indoor and outdoor applications. The technology we use allows us to obtain the highest resolution and clarity of the color palette. The ink we use offers limitless creative potential, special color intensity and the guarantee of a high quality execution.

POSM department

  We produce a large variety of POSM elements. The department, the largest in the company, covers all aspects of POSM production.

  We have extended our variety by creating a carpentry subdivision to production that produces POSM elements of wood, PAL, MDF. We have also increased the metalworking capabilities by buying an upcant and a steel cutting machine. We have welding Aluminum, steel and stainless steel capabilities, with highly skilled and experienced personnel.

Key products: light boxes, volumetric letters, totem displays, table displays, pop displays, promotional stands, office furniture, retail furniture, shop design, pallet wraps, mock-ups, cut-outs, wooden and metal racks, and many more