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EuroTriade Romania

4.63 din 8 ratinguri

Sibiu, România


EuroTriade Romania is based in Sibiu, having a 10 years experience. We built our reputation as experts in the automotive field and we are well recognized in the international industrial field in general.

We are working at national level, but our main focus is on the most developed areas in the industrial field: West area (Timisoara, Arad, Oradea, Cluj), Center area (Sibiu, Brasov, Alba, Mures) and the South area (Bucuresti, Arges, Prahova and Dolj).

EuroTriade is an HR consultancy company with more than 25 years experience at international level, it was first founded in Germany in 1989. We are present in countries like Romania, Germany, France, USA, Morocco and China.

Our main service concerns recruitment projects for top and middle management positions and as well for specialist positions in industrial field. We also provide HR consultancy services (coaching, training, team-building, organizational development consultancy).