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EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is a leading European Software, Information and Communication Technologies company, operating internationally (Athens, Brussels, Luxembourg, Rome, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Nicosia, Helsinki, Valetta, etc).

The company employs over 500 engineers and IT experts. We design and develop software applications using integrated, state-of-the-art technology. Our current IT projects have a value exceeding 250 million EURO.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is a renowned supplier of IT services to European Union Institutions, international organizations, European Agencies and national government Administrations all over Europe.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is an ISertified company and has a NATO and EU security clearance. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS supports postgraduate students and offers jobs in a wide spectrum of disciplines in the field of IT and telecommunications in all the areas where it operates. The main activities of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS are:

  • telecommunication and information systems integration;
  • software and applications development;
  • R&D;
  • facilities and applications management;
  • consulting services.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has a particular expertise in the areas of e-government, e-business (B2C, B2B, B2E, etc.), e-collaboration, groupware and workflow, content, document and knowledge management, communications middleware, network management, ITC security, broadband applications, mobile applications, etc. The company develops its own software products and tools in these domains.

All EUROPEAN DYNAMICS products and services are offered for web, intranet and Internet environments and are based on open company offers its services to organisations in the public and private sectors, in 25 countries world-wide.

These include international organisations, such as:

  • the Council of the European Union;
  • the European Commission, Eurocontrol;
  • the European Environment Agency;
  • the European Medical Evaluation Agency;
  • the Office for the Harmonisation of the Internal Market;
  • the Joint Research Centre;
  • OPOCE;
  • the UN;
  • the European Central Bank, EUROPOL;
  • EASA, etc.

And national government and public administrations such as Ministries and public authorities in:

  • Greece;
  • Belgium;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • France;
  • Poland;
  • Turkey;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Georgia,
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