Eti European Food Industries SA


Piața Constantin Brâncuși, Craiova, România


ETİ began production in 1962 in a factory personally designed by Mr. Firuz Kanatlı, our founder and honorary president. This marked the beginning of many historic steps in ETİ’s growth and development. ETİ has always been on the leading edge of innovation in the sector, investing to provide better products to the Turkish public. On this culinary journey, ETİ has produced a string of products that are both tasty and memorable. These include Burçak, Turkey’s first digestive/high-fiber cookie; Etimek, the first ready-made toast; Cake Slice with Raisins, Fruit and Cocoa, the first industrial-type cake; Turti, the first packaged tart; Pronot, the first gluten-free cookie; and Browni, the first moist cake. In addition, the slogan "Children, I have a riddle,” created by composer and lyricist Oktay Tem, won the hearts of the public

ETİ received many awards as it added new products to its product range every year. ETİ adopted TPM (Total Productivity Management), which the company’s founder Mr. Firuz Kanatlı called “a war for civilization” in the management of its plants. ETİ won the Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance’s TPM Award seven times. ETİ also won many other awards thanks to its well-organized, meticulous and dedicated staff.

As one of Turkey’s largest food manufacturers, ETİ is engaged in many corporate responsibility projects to fulfill its social responsibilities. Some of these are:

  • Thousands of students have attended and are attending Hacı Ahmet Kanatlı Anatolitan High School which the company’s honorary chairman Mr. Firuz Kanatlı built in Eskişehir in 1970 in the name of his father

  • Thousands of young people have been getting educational opportunities at Eskişehir ETİ Social Sciences High School since 2005.

  • Eskişehir ETİ Archeology Museum, the first museum supported by the private sector in Turkey, has become a part of Turkey’s cultural wealth.

  • Working in cooperation with the ÇEKÜL Foundation for five years, the “ETİ ÇEKÜL Cultural Ambassadors” social responsibility project trainedcultural ambassadors to preserve our forgotten cultural and social values.

  • 300 children under the protection of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency were trained on “ETİ Children’s Boat”.

  • As a pioneer in the protection of our cultural heritage, ETİ has illuminated the Rumeli and Anadolu fortresses for five years starting in 2005 under the “Fortress Illumination Project”.

  • ETİ Burçak and WWF-Turkey have been working on the Climate Adaptation Campaign Project since 2008 in order to preserve the water reserves in the Konya Basin, the grain storehouse of Turkey and the area that will be affected the most by droughts caused by climate change.

  • Approximately 1.5 million children watched plays free of charge in ETİ Children’s Theater since 2001.

When ETİ was founded, it had 20 employees and a small capacity of 3 tons per day; it is now a giant company which exports its products throughout the world with 7 plants, 45 brands and approximately 300 products. Today ETİ is one of Turkey’s top 100 industrial enterprises thanks to its R&D power and innovative perspective; it competes in global markets and continues to add pleasure and happiness to life with unique products as a high-quality and reliable brand.