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București, România

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Emporiki Bank is the Romanian subsidiary of the Greek bank with the same name, a bank established in 1907 with shares traded on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1909. Nowadays, the bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Greece in terms of assets, branch network (over 400 units) and overall presence, having also a broad network of subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Albania.

In Romania, Emporiki Bank had the official opening of its operations in September, under the name Commercial Bank of Greece.
Following its mother-company decision to promote all over the world the Greek name of the bank, starting with the beginning of year, the bank has changed its name into Emporiki Bank (Emporiki meaning, in Greek language, Commercial). The bank’s continues its development on the Romanian market under its new name, having the same shareholders and management. The re-branding was made to all the Greek bank’s subsidiaries and marks the beginning of a new corporate culture and a new strategy of the bank in its relationship with the customers.

The strategy of Emporiki Bank – Romania is the expansion of the network, which will justify the expansion of the Leasing and Insurance companies of the Group in Romania