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Calea Severinului, 44, Craiova, România

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Elpreco is the largest manufacturer of precast concrete in the Oltenia region, Elpreco’s range of products including: AAC masonry and thermal insulation systems, paving systems that provide all the necessary items for exterior designs and concrete sewer systems.

Elpreco is a well-known brand in the building materials field, with a 50-year presence on the Romanian market, which has made Elpreco a long-established and strong brand, identified with expertise, a benchmark of quality and professionalism in the industry. The company has a manufacturing facility covering all four product lines in Craiova and a paving production unit in Titu. For over 50 years we have taken pride in our ethical business conduct:

  • Our strategy is to be human-centred, with respect to our employees, business partners and the end users.
  • Our mission is to provide people with quality solutions to strengthen the community bonds, so that we can raise the standard of living.
  • The steady concern for customers allowed us to develop and always meet their needs.
  • We are a dynamic company, adapted to the current needs of the customer and this is the reason for which we invest in our employees' training, in updating and upgrading the production capacities, by introducing new, state-of-the-art, high-quality products in the manufacturing process, complying with our customers' requirements.