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Ecovis Romania SRL

4.42 din 12 ratinguri

București, România

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Incorporated since, ECOVIS Romania embodies a new standard among the mid-sized accounting companies in Bucharest: business people for the business people. Permanent staff training, rigorous quality standards, achieving all industry certifications recommend us as reliable partners. Our team consists of financial auditors, tax consultants, CPA's, expert appraisers, and HR professionals.

Since 2006 we are members and sole representatives in Romania of ECOVIS International, an association of tax advisers, auditors, CPAs, lawyers, management advisers, an impressive number of 6500 professionals present in over 70 countries, embodying the core concept "Global expertise with local faces".

The name Ecovis, a combination of the terms "economy" and "vision", expresses both the international character of the network and our common focus on the future and growth.