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Timișoara, România

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[e-spres-oh] is a web and product development company, fueled by an unrelenting love-for-code, coffee and good puns.

With a team of more than 40 developers and UI/UX designers, we’re ready to take on challenging digital software projects or jump on board to aid other dev-organizations complete their teams and meet their goals.

We’re always brewing the latest technologies into fresh code lines and pouring them into strong development solutions for the web, mobile apps and full-featured online platforms. We specialise in building RESTful web services and knitting API mashups, following an Agile / Scrum process with Continuous Deployment and Test Driven Development.

When we’re not coding or designing, you can find us firmly grasping game controllers, attending Meetups, conniving the next getaway, or putting our efforts into some activity that pays off with sweat and great memories.

[e-spres-oh] operates from its headquarter in Timisoara. We’re easily bribed with exciting conversations about digital development so pay us a visit if you can “pay” the “price”.