DialogData Timisoara

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Piața Victoriei, 8, Timișoara, România

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DialogData GmbH () was established in 1989 and has its present headquarters in Munich / Germany.

Providing high end IT consultant services, DialogData has several years of project experience in the following industries: automation, automotive, CAD, finance, e-commerce, energy supply, IT, measuring technology, telecommunication and mobile radio. In these areas, DialogData possesses several man-centuries of experience in consultancy- , management- , architecture- and implementation-service. Software systems realized by DialogData are distributed worldwide in over 100 countries.

DialogData opened in 2008 a new branch in Timisoara, as part of its strategy: "HighEnd Nearshoring". A young and dynamic team of Romanian software developers and architects will participate along with the German colleagues in the creation of high tech software projects.