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Strada Brândușelor, 2-4, București, România


Do Aliens really exist? Do they interfere with our technological breakthroughs? Do they surf the web and develop apps? Are they really located in an ultra-secret military base in Area 51? Or maybe they just reside undercover around some creative tech studio for digital developments, posing as humans?

Oh well, the answer is pretty obvious – Aliens do exist. And yes, some of us have been working in development for years…

DEV51 is your alien friendly environment - aiming constantly to unleash the inner alien out of every team member and to pin up the utmost innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

We try to get more folks out of the Matrix. To awaken the Force in each and every one. To free the dragon from… You got the point.

For what is felt as new, innovative, cutting-edge, sometimes outrageous and risky, sometimes purely brilliant, is actually the starting point for our future together, humans and aliens

Having fun while doing it, we will!