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Timișoara, România

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DELTATEL is a company specialized in providing services that enable operators, large companies and public institutions to offer voice, data and video communication solutions to end users.

In the last few years DELTATEL has also become an equipment supplier, becoming a partner of several companies such as Juniper, Cambridge BNL, Fusan, Syneto, etc thus moving to a new stage in its development, offering turn-key solutions which include equipment and services.

The goal of each project carried out by DELTATEL is to obtain the highest degree of satisfaction, both in terms of business needs and in terms of human interaction and collaboration between employees.
Our IoT Business unit increased a lot its international exposure therefore we are eager to welcome new talented colleagues in our Team.

As per our  “ Company for next generations” initiative, we are introducing a new business line of “distribution network” for IoT cutting-edge products and solutions. and currently we are building a new team with great people who will design, build, and lead this business line into the future.