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Ploiești, România

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Companisto the leading equity-based crowdfunding platforms for start-ups in Europe. 

Equity-based crowdfunding means that many people become shareholders in a start-up and that the start-up thus receives funding. Investors – also referred to as Companists – benefit not only from profits, but also from increases in the value and from a possible sale of the start-up. Within only a short time, a large community of Companists has developed. In total, overCompanists from over 70 countries have invested more than €48 million in 92 financing rounds via Companisto.

The majority of the companies are recruiting massively and you are becoming a small piece in a huge mechanism but the environment here is an opportunity to build a career on international standard without the rigidity of a multinational company. Keep your creativity free and use the latest trends in webdevelopment.

Companisto is searching passionate and experienced web developers to join our office in Ploiesti Romania. Passion fuels us, innovation keeps us ahead - join us to shape the global trend of equity based crowdfunding and to revolutionize the way investments in startups are done.

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