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București, România

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ChargebackHelp is one of the world leading service provider for the online market environment. We are providing to the online merchants a wide range of services, such as but not limited to: payment processing solutions, gateway services, support and call center services, fraud prevention services and chargeback dispute management.


ChargebackHelp, with the headquarter in California, USA is now in the expanding process, getting present into the European market with an office located in Bucharest, Romania. Our goal is to build a team of professionals who can promote the brand and services, develop new products and services and improve the existing ones, sustain the operational processes and maintain the high quality of services which our clients are used with.  

ChargebackHelp's Bucharest office is located in brand new and modern office building (Campus6, Skanska Building) a great area with an extraordinary development dynamic, very close to Polytechnic University of Bucharest and AFI Cotroceni.