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București, România

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As the world’s #1 wireless backhaul specialist, Ceragon Networks
ensures that mobile and fixed-line carriers as well as private network
operators have the cost-effective transmission capacity to deliver the voice
and premium data services on which we all rely.

Affordable, high-capacity networks everywhere
From telecommunications operators to mobile service providers, from public
safety to offshore operations, from energy to distance learning, in today’s
interconnected world, everyone needs network capacity to provide the latest
services, expand into new markets and to meet the growing demands of people and
devices. Ceragon’s solutions are designed to eliminate bottlenecks with
cost-effective, high-capacity and future-proof backhaul connectivity while
boosting network performance and services.

Ceragon’s network solutions lower cost of ownership, speed time to deployment
and deliver the highest and most reliable radio capacity for any network. Agile
and responsive, Ceragon addresses the constantly evolving needs of today’s
networks so that operators can fully leverage new marketing and technology
opportunities without business interruption.

culture of innovation 
Our commitment to industry leadership focuses us on the development of
generation after generation of innovative solutions for our customers. We take
pride in the many industry-advancing achievements we’ve introduced to the
market and the advantages they have provided to our customers. Through this
culture of innovation, we’ve been able to develop solutions that respond to our
customers’ needs — cost effective, with more capacity, lower TCO and a smooth
modernization path to advanced, high-capacity packet technology.