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Aleea Tudor Neculai, 132, Iași, România

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camLine provides and markets software solutions for high-tech manufacturing industries:  automotive, semiconductor, electronics, solar and medical industries.
camLine's software solutions help manufacturers expand their technological lead and secure a future competitive position for their production sites.
For 30 years, well-known customers worldwide rely on camLine experience and qualified support.

camLine believes there is a direct correlation between employee and customer satisfaction. That’s why it promotes an open organizational culture that motivates experienced teams to solve challenges intelligently and creatively. This is the only way to ensure high-quality innovations flow from customer requirements systematically and efficiently into product updates. Close cooperation with customers also supports creative thinking and ensures employees are constantly gaining experience. Effective training as well as the use and implementation of new software technologies promote the optimization of the software development process. This leads to continuous product and service quality improvements.