Brainwave Science, LLC

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București, România


Brainwave Science is an inventor and developer of a disruptive scientific technology ‘Brain Fingerprinting’ that identifies any concealed or privileged information in suspects brain related to an act of Crime, Terrorism, Intelligence, fraud or any significant event.  It is aimed to revolutionize the areas of Law Enforcement, Forensics, Criminal Justice, Counter terrorism, Counter Intelligence, Cross Border Security, customs and Immigration. Tested with FBI, CIA and US Navy and found to be over % accurate and reliable.   Brain Fingerprinting is third scientific evidence is admissible in US courts after Fingerprints and DNA.  This patented product does not have any competition worldwide and it replaces all existing investigative tools and technologies with its 85% to 90% applicability in both civil and criminal cases where as Fingerprints and DNA are applicable in only 1% of cases.  It is revolutionary ever invented for solving crimes, providing evidence to exonerate innocents, identifying criminals and terrorists accurately and scientifically before and after a crime or terrorist act.  The technology fulfills a fundamental lack to prevent disasters, deliver truth and justice for governments, national security and law enforcement agencies, corporations and individuals. In June, Company launched the technology worldwide and is already been hailed by various countries Law Enforcement, Forensics, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism departments including India.  Brain Fingerprinting is currently implemented in few countries and in negotiations with several other countries including India.