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The Axa Life Insurance Company is a part of the AXA Group, one of the world leaders among insurance companies and asset management groups.

The AXA Group was formed in, developed from Mutuelles Unies, a French company founded in 1977. From that moment on, AXA has made several acquisitions which place AXA today in 57 countries, on all 6 continents, with 96 million clients, employees andindividual shareholders. 

In September, the AXA Group entered the Romanian market through the acquisition of the Omniasig Asigurari de Viata Company which became AXA Life Insurance.

AXA Life Insurance offers its clients a diversified array of life insurance products, for both individuals and companies, including pension savings, personal protection and health insurance, which are constantly being improved in order to fit customer needs.

Three key attitudes guide AXA Life Insurance commitment towards clients:

Available – We are always at the disposal of our clients and we know how to truly listen to them.

Attentive – We understand our clients and we treat them with the proper respect, helping them with professional advices throughout their lives, adapted to each particular situation and rewarding them for their fidelity.

Reliable – We say what we will do and we do just as we said. In this way, our clients are always well informed and so they can trust us.  

AXA Life Insurance will always keep its promises towards customers, partners and the community in order to achieve the AXA Group mission: redefining standards in the insurance industry worldwide.