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Animal Rescue Aiderbichl

București, România


Animal Rescue Aiderbichl

The Animal Recsue Aiderbichl Association is a part of the Gut Aiderbichl Association, an Austrian animal welfare organization engaged in six countries across Europe.

Since the year of 2018 the Animal Rescue Aiderbichl Association is active in Romania to help stray dogs.

We are developing a sustainable project, with the intention, to improve the situation of stray dogs for the long term. The daily rescue work of our organization is just as important to us, as to find a sustainable solution for the long-term.

Currently we are operating an animal shelter with a capacity of about 150 dogs in total.

From that solid foundation, we want to take our project to the next level.

Therefore  we are looking for a reinforcement of our team.

The position available is the position as a project manager:

It is mandatory to speak Romanian/ English and or German.

Please see our listed job for more information regarding the advertised job.