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Drumul Sării, 88, București, România

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RETAIL solutions - intended for regional, national and multi-national corporations as well as for end-users segment, a diversified range of PC Desktop systems, Notebook, Servers, Printers and other IT components as well as corresponding hardware and software maintenance, hardware and software contract agreements;
- Regional IT solutions intended for the gas stations: implementation of basic operating system and fiscal solution in over 500 gas stations in The Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia hardware service, software maintenance, networking;
- Software intended for supermarkets: NCR solution background consists of an experience of 118 years in automation, data registry and transmission in supermarkets. Alsys Data partnership with NCR intends to implement a modern solution related to calculation and registry systems for supermarket networks. A decisive implementation example of the fiscal solution and detailed selling process is one of the first supermarkets in Romania, G-Market (Gima Superstore);