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In Oras / Judet / Tara

Acumen Development Centre (ADC)

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Calea Circumvalațiunii, 2, Timișoara, România

Aplica Urmareste

Acumen is a Belgian Business Intelligence specialist. To be able to meet and sustain our growth we established in 2015 a new branch, Acumen Development Center or ADC in Timiș we develop and maintain solutions for reporting and planning problems using BI tools.

We specialize in end-2-end solution implementation and service tracks using tools from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, BOARD International and alike. Our added value to clients is that we can talk and understand business but have the knowledge and expertise to solve business problems with technology driven solutions.

The key to our success is to always think and act from a client point of view, solving a problem is our goal, technology is our method.

We can offer all the opportunities that come with a growing organization. The blend of an international context, languages and cultures, a mix of technology and business, different clients, make ADC an interesting place to work. Our success is defined by our people. ADC can only be successful as a company if we facilitate our people to be equally successful.

Sinaia Teamevent 2017

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