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Strada Constanța, 12, Cluj-Napoca, România

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Accesa envisions a world where technology lies at the core of every business and we've made it our mission to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses through an agile and innovative approach based on long-term partnerships.

Our services span across Digital Exploration & Innovation • Intelligent Process Automation • Operations and Support • Scientific and Analytical Instruments • Agile Product Development • Digital Commerce • Industrial IoT • Office 365 • SAP • UiPath

As a people-oriented company, we offer the freedom and support for our colleagues to grow – personally and professionally. Our flat organizational structure, horizontal management, and cell-based organization make a difference in the way we work together.

Our community is an organic environment where people are empowered to grow, discover their passions, build new career paths, at their own pace & responsibility. Being a flat organization allows them to be the creators of their professional journeys and our competence centers are there to support them.

Our offices are in Cluj, Oradea, Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich.

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