Miejsce pracy:

Ta oferta pracy nie jest już aktywna, ale możesz dalej wysłać swoje CV do tej firmy

- Previous experience in related or similar areas (dosing and controlling)
- Technical knowledge of hydraulic systems, mechanical and electrical principles, dosing and
controlling systems
- Ability to analyse and solve a variety of technical issues (mostly in the field)
- Ability to establish efficient working relationships with customers and colleagues at all levels
- Availability to frequently travel to customers sites and installation fields
- English language and driving license

Job Responsibilities:

- To ensure the efficient running of Seko equipment in the field
- To organize and coordinate any service and installation duties
- To consult with engineers and R&D to resolve unusual problems or critical issues regarding
in-the-field-performances of equipment
- To develop procedures to manage claims at a first local level. To develop and maintain a
data-base of failures
- To ensure support (by remote – phone, email - or/and on the field) for proper installation
and maintenance of equipment, according to manufacturer’s specifications
- To repair or coordinate reparation activities of any possible faulty/returned equipment
- To report and advise management regarding customer satisfaction, product performance
and suggestions for product improvements
- To supervise customers in testing, tuning, programming, calibrating, adjusting, servicing
and maintaining equipment to obtain optimum operating performance
- To support and work together with sales-force to facilitate customers confidence and/or to
recover business opportunities by managing/solving critical issues occurred on the
customers side
- To support introductions of new products for colleagues and customers