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Primary responsibilities:

  • Part Number Management
  • Ensure Hardware/Software delivered to builds
  • Software Journal Management
  • Packaging requests (CAD)
  • Electronic Drawing Requests
  • WERS Releasing
  • WERS Alerts
  • PACN & Red-book alignment
  • Ensure delivery of part submission warrant (PSW)

Skills Required:


  • Electronic Drawing Requests (EDR) For all PR’s that are associated with a WERS release, an EDR is required to update drawings. Drawing reference is supplied to ERS in order to populate V-Screen for all hardware releases.
  • Part submission warrant (PSW) Although release engineer is not directly responsible for submission of part submission warrant, requirement is to liaise with supplier to ensure that the PSW status is known for each part. Un-submitted PSW or IPSW will result in the failure of responsibility. “
  • Part Releasing (WERS) For each release requires: DZM Release etracker ,Part number pictorial / IVS sheets ,CRIDX ,WERS Input Sheet (EWIS) , PACNs ,Support Plans

Experience Required:

Training Required (Can be provided on job) The training courses below are required to achieve the responsibilities listed. Registration for these courses is completed via client’ssuccess factors.

  • Bill of Material Introduction for Engineers ¿ Worldwide Engineering Release System [Profile]
  • Worldwide Engineering Release System [WERS Alerts]
  • PACN Overview Training
  • PCDS Fundamentals Training
  • i-PLM Getting Started
  • i-PLM AIM2 Product Issue Management

Experience Preferred:

Part Number Management: Generate new part numbers for each software/calibration/hardware change; Present part numbers using pictorial excel document which links to IVS sheet; Communicate part numbers to supplier for SW/HW delivery; Track using the DZM Release etracker. Hardware/Software delivery to builds: Perform BOM validation when requested by module leaders; Review program timing plans regularly to plan introduction points for any required releases; Complete all releasing tasks on time to meet designated build phases.