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Wynagrodzenie brutto / miesięcznie

5000 - 10000 €

Soshace is a community of professionals. Since 2015 we’ve made different projects with clients all over the values are the driving force behind everything we do. We have become a reliable and permanent source of highly qualified IT-specialists for many clients. Our stack is JavaScript, Python, and Java.

Your role: Commission-based partnership. Finding potential clients with long-term, full-time remote projects for our developers. You can see the list of our developers on our site.

Our clients: Companies from USA, Europe, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

You are going to be paid your Agent’s fee for opened contracts twice a month throughout the developer's work on the project. The amount of the hourly fee for your services is negotiated with you.


  • IT background
  • Experience as a Sales manager, IT recruiter or in any related area
  • Your own database/network of potential customers
  • Excellent communicative skills and attention to detail

Please note that this proposal does not provide the establishment of an employment relationship between the parties.


  • Opportunities for stable commission-based income
  • Access to the top-notch developers base
  • Support from our sales team

If you know some companies who would like to hire remote developers in our stack, we will be happy to collaborate with you!

  • Rozmowa online
  • Do you have your own database/network of potential customers? How big is it?
  • What is your plan to provide leads?
  • What is your IT background?