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Południowa, 15, Szczecin, Polska


Frode Laursen is one of the fastest growing providers of one-stop logistics in the Nordic region within the following five segments: raw materials, FMCG, building materials, recycling and distribution of dangerous goods. Our primary market is the Nordic region, combined with transport to and from continental Europe.

The key to Frode Laursen’s success is focus. We stay focused on our chosen sectors, on the development of know-how, and on information technology, processes and our employees. And above all else, we focus on our customers.

Focus will remain a keyword for Frode Laursen in the future, in its goal of becoming the leader in the Nordic region.

F. L. Polska Sp. z . has been established in 2007 and is an independent unit of Frode Laursen A / S. We provide trucking within all branches of the Frode Laursen A / S group.

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