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4.15 z 34 ocen

Strada Mihai Eminescu, 144, Bukareszt, Rumunia

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Ficosota Ltd. was established in 1994 in Bulgaria and is one of the fastest growing companies originating from Eastern Europe, engaged in the manufacture and sale of fast moving consumer goods in several different directions – home and personal care products, hygiene disposable tissues and snack food.

Many of company brands have become important players not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad. Ficosota sell its products in over 40 countries on several continents, with new offices in New York and Singapore. Thanks to a unique mix of high quality products, creative marketing presence, innovation and audible to the user requirements, the company is becoming more powerful on all markets.

In Romania, the company it's know by FICOSOTA MARKETING Romania and has been present for 10 years now and plays in a wide range of market sectors:
laundry detergents (Savex), fabric softeners (Semana), soaps (Teo), baby diapers and wet wipes (Pufies), toilet paper (Milde, Emeka), kitchen roll (Emeka), bakery specialties (Maretti), children snacks (Kubeti).

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