Nivel cariera

Middle (2-5 ani)


Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare

On behalf of our client, a leader in the Oil Industry and one of the most dynamic and expanding companies in the country, we are urgently searching for like-minded professionals to join, perform and develop careers within this impressive organisation

Now we are looking for an experienced Area Manager based in Satu Mare.

Job Objectives:

- Ensure to reach or to excede the aims concerning turnover and profit for the respective area of the area manager
- Participation in securing and enhancing the market position within the business of filling stations
- Mangement, optimization and coordination of the fuel and NOB at the Filling Stations
- Stock taking in accordance with the inventory plan and random inventory,
- Proposals for increasing the sales, searching for new card customers and clients, securing low lewel of bad debts, and securing the implementation of guidelines
- Ensure the coordination with the departments (custodien of shops, car wash and gastro, site technicians) in order to use any business potentials of the Filling Stations respective locations: monitor the market and competition, participate in projects of modification and improvement or new projects
- Ensure that all Filling Stations fulfill the standards concerning gastro business; optimization of all influencable costs
- Select operator of Filling Stations (in cooperation with the Sales Department) and guide, train and develop of the operator of Filling Stations (in coordination with the Training department) for securing customer orientation of the operator of Filling Stations and its employees
- Additionally, in case of Full Agency System: ensure the shop layout in accordance to the floorplan, execute market analysis and monthly shop analysis resulting in suggestions for listing and de-listing of products (Renner Penner list), erect min/max lists with regard to the turn over rate and turnover for each product, management of the shop categories, fulfillment of standards of gastro and car wash, and inventory control and analysis of gastro and car wash