A message from BestJobs CEO Dan Puică


Because during these times we all face all kinds of changes and challenges, and because we here at BestJobs stay constantly in contact with thousands of employers and millions of candidates across Romania, we come to you with some information that we hope you will find useful.

In a study we have recently conducted, we have noticed that the main fear candidates face in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic is one related to the country’s economic situation and job loss. Even if this fear is to some extent justified, we see positive signs that give us confidence looking into the future.

Work from home

Many companies are at the moment finding solutions to facilitate work at home for more and more job titles. At the same time, employers are also looking to cover new needs that might have appeared and to make this possible, they need to find employees who work remotely. That is why hundreds of companies have started publishing job ads for such jobs in recent weeks. Very important, they can now do this for free on our platform.

Talking about the less affected industries

Although employment is generally declining, not all industries are equally affected. For the classical positions in IT, telecommunications, financial and not only, recruitments are still active and new jobs frequently appear. In order to facilitate the access of the candidates to all available positions, during this period, we have reduced the costs of all our recruitment services.

The recruitment process

At the level of interactions within the hiring process, we have noticed that telephone interviews or video conferences have become the most popular methods for conducting recruitment interviews. In the next period, we will focus on facilitating and simplifying this type of interaction on the BestJobs platform.


In conclusion, we are sending you the most optimistic movements that we have noticed during these challenging times, from both candidates and employers with whom we have interacted and who have decided to view this crisis as an opportunity.

  • Many employers during this period intend to pay close attention to the opportunities with which they can attract top candidates, candidates who could now become much more accessible than usual.
  • Many candidates affected by the reduction of the activity of the companies they work for, have decided to use this time for professional learning and development. Their plan is to be better prepared for future professional challenges when things return to normal.

For whatever you need, remember that the BestJobs Support team is at one call or email away. You can write to us at any time given at contact@bestjobs.eu and you can find my colleagues on the site chat or even by phone. As we all work from home during this period, please understand if in the background you will occasionally hear the laugh of a child or a barking puppy. 🙂

Stay safe!

Dan Puică,
BestJobs CEO.