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berg COMPUTERS began its activity in 1991, and since then we have completed over 2700 software projects for more than 760 clients in 24 countries. As a Romanian-German company, we understand and value cultural diversity, and we always encourage uniqueness and creativity both at a professional and at a personal level.

Our headquarters is located outside the city, which means that we can completely disconnect from the frantic pulse of the city and work in a relaxed and stress-free environment. We love our tranquil coffee breaks, especially when they happen in our green back yard. Taking our laptops out on the terrace to do some work in the open air is also common practice for us.

Our services include: Custom Software, Software Outsourcing, Web Design, Mobile Development, Customer Care & IT Consulting.

2700+ software projects, 760 clients, 24 countries.
A single global application implemented in 18 countries and used by people.
For a single developer that would mean: 220 years of non-stop work, 55 years of testing, 12 years of meetings & 18 years of research.

Our developers have expertise in a variety of different technologies - like Java, .NET, PHP, iOS, Android -  which allows us to deliver a wide range of desktop programs, web applications, mobile tools and service oriented software.

berg COMPUTERS is represented by its offices in: Timisoara, Bucharest, Lugoj and Oradea.

We are all different, but we work together wonderfully, because our common goal is to deliver first-rate software solutions. We love what we do and we’re always up for a new challenge. That last bit actually also means that we pretty much never say no to a good opportunity to have fun: think Snack Fridays, birthday cakes, team buildings, summer parties and more.