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With an experience of more than 10 years in the sector, WESEE is the leading independent service provider to the wind energy industry in Romania. The company successfully bundles the expertise of its shareholders, EMEA Wind GmbH in multi-megawatt wind energy projects and Electrogrup in the energy sector.
With a team of 100+ people and more than 80 certified employees, WESEE provides a wide range of professional services in the wind energy sector for the top wind parks in Europe, covering all industry needs.
Wind Turbines Installation: full range of installation services for wind turbines, from deliveries on site for major components, to pre-assembly on ground and erection of steel towers, nacelle, rotor hub, generator, blades etc.
Wind Turbines Maintenance: various types of preventive maintenance schemes, depending on WTG’s operating manuals using skilled and specialised technicians.
Electrical Works: wide range of Electrical Works for Wind company is based in Constanța, with a secondary business office in Cluj-Napoca and activates internationally.