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… our story begins on April 13th, 2004 with the name “straightAD” and the tagline “creative boutique”. Back then, our main specialty was branding and designing for print.

Down the road, things started to shift towards designing and creating websites; our services were then expanded once more by offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), copywriting, hosting etc. Our work was ruled by one concept: build everything on our own. That meant not using templates for websites, nor open source platforms for the CMS (Content Management System). Our approach aimed clearly towards building bespoke websites and unique designs, all built on a proprietary, custom-build, and permanently improved CMS.

By, however, websites started to become more complex, mostly in terms of functionality and integrations with different other platforms. This was an early step towards what we’re doing these days. Our proprietary CMS (called simply straightCMS) has evolved step-by-step into an Web Application.

Our first official Web Application was built back in, for a small company based in Australia, to help them manage their orders, daily activity planning, invoices, payments, deliveries and follow-up guarantees. It was a real success that made us see web apps as the future.
(the story will be presented in full on our upcoming blog section).

And here we are, today, not offering branding & design print materials anymore, not offering websites anymore (or other services previously associated with websites) - but happy to have and use all those years as experience, that helped us to move to a next level of development type by creating cloud-based bespoke software & apps for desktop, tablet, smartphone & smartwatches devices.

With these new services, we thought “straightAD” no longer evoques who we are and what we are doing nowadays. We needed a new name, a new identity...

We are now nu-login

We are still learning every day and we’re always keen to embrace new technologies. We have just as much passion and energy that we put into creating useful tools for businesses out there. In the end, the base concept hasn’t changed: custom/ tailored/ bespoke applications for any business size, on any device. And all these with the same boutique model that defined us, the way we think and the way we work…