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AdsWizz is the leading global on-line audio and video advertising solution provider, headquartered in California and with Offices and IT Development Centers across the United States and Europe.

AdsWizz provides technology to on-line radios and ad networks to best monetize and measure their internet radio audience. The online audio marketplace is growing quickly. Listeners enjoy the ease of use and the breadth of content they can get from online audio. It is relatively easy for a broadcaster to get a signal onto the Internet for anyone across the world to access.

In order for a broadcaster to more effectively monetize their online radio audience, they need an advertising platform built especially for the online experience. It does not make sense to serve the same ad to a listener in New York City as a listener in London. Also, a broadcaster should take advantage of the dynamic interactivity available online with capabilities such as:
- Serving a targeted ad based on the listener’s location, interests, and time of day
- Serve an ad in the correct format whether it be to a computer or to an Internet enabled mobile phone Synchronize a display banner with an audio ad so that the listener can click and interact with brands
- Nice song fitting and transitions (no blanks, variable ad screen length, end/start of songs detection, etc)
We are currently hiring for our main IT Center of Excellence located in Bucharest.

If you really want to be treasured for your professionalism and innovation, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm, then you really must join our international Engineering team in Bucharest.