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Avocado is the all-in-one place for your consultancy needs. Increase your income by sharing your knowledge with customers in one-to-one video meetings.

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Increase your portfolio and create impact

Avocado connects you online with corporate or independent clients, from anywhere, in individual meetings. Let us spare you the time spent prospecting and bringing in new clients, so you can focus on what you love doing.

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Control your schedule and work with clients from anywhere

Self-selection of your schedule on Avocado allows you to manage more customers and personal projects. Meet clients from anywhere, gain diverse expertise and grow through customer feedback.

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All-in-one platform to find, manage and interact with clients

Avocado is an integrated online tool that brings together specialists with new clients. Manage your schedule, meet customers, exchange messages and resources, get paid. All in one place, no administrative hassle.

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