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Are you a fan of Hungary?

Are you keen on discovering and learning?

Are you inspired by cultural diversity?


If so, here is your opportunity to find a challenging freelance job that will offer a thrilling line of work where you could represent Hungary's true values, build amazing relationships and experience ongoing personal development. 


The main role:

 - Create a unique, custom made tour experience following the needs of a diverse range of travellers


To be successful and fulfilled in your role:

 - Have excellent or native English knowledge with a touch of humour

- Be absolutely prompt and focused

- Be able to handle the broadest of characteristics and dynamics presented by each traveller group

- Solve problems with confidence

- Ability to operate in demanding mental and physical circumstances


Facts about you:

 - Have gained a significant degree of life experience, possibly in multicultural environment

- Minimum 3 years residential status in Hungary 

- Highly professional attitude

- Willing to commit and to build and develop the tour service



 - Freelance co-worker

- Home office

- Seasonal character of the job situated in Budapest, April-October

- Flexible working hours including weekends and holidays


Ideally you will have:

 - Hungarian tour guide licence or willing to obtain it in a year

- Hungarian language skills

- Significant knowledge about the Hungarian history, architecture, arts, geography, culinary and day to day life


Additional valuable skills (not essential):

 - Create eye-catching pictures,manage and develop social media content and on-line marketing tools to be truly the best private tour guide service in Hungary!


Please, apply with your resume in English and picture included, highlighting the necessary experiences and skills for the announced position.

Additionally to your CV, please, address the following in short and concise responses: What does the concept of sustainable tourism mean for you and the development of tourism? How could a tour guide align with this important principle? 

The job post will be active until January when short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Thank you.