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Technical Team Leader

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Employment type: Full-time

Job category: Information Technology

Job industry: Information Services

Experience level: Executive



  • Provides technical support and trainings for pipeline architecture and various pipelines, supervises technical activities of the operators involved in the project and proposes measures to improve service quality;
  • Responsible for the activity and results of his/ her own team of subordinates;
  • Configuration of IT applications; Safeguarding of IT security;
  • Organization and execution of software maintenance measures;
  • Deploying and doing sanity checks on these pipelines;
  • Configuration of the monitoring IT Landscape;
  • Developing specific scripts for the modular monitoring system according to the customer’s requirements or the team’s necessity;
  • Developing IT solutions for the customer’s requirements or the team’s necessity;
  • Proactively reviewing, adapting and creating new IT solutions individually or together with the client;
  • Periodically evaluating the team members’ performance from a technical point of view (through testing);
  • Identifies situations that might alter the quality of the services provided and proposes measures to overcome such situations;
  • Designs, checks and updates work instructions;
  • Monitors and interprets the project-specific KPIs, while also proposing and applying measures to improve them;
  • Organizes, creates, reviews, maintains and delivers training materials and internal reports;
  • Efficiently plans and coordinates the daily activities;
  • Offers technical support about the service processes to the team members, on a daily basis;
  • Ensures the quality of the service processes and the knowledge and information transfer;
  • Offers support in organizing the integration process for the new hires and participates in the specific activities required for this process;
  • Is the contact person for any enquiries from the team members, regarding the daily activities (administrative topics excluded);
  • Personally takes over difficult calls / situations when a critical situation arises.


  • Bachelor degree in related field, or equivalent work experience. Several years of experience in IT service management;  
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English;
  • Knowledge of key technologies Linux, Bash Scripting, Python, configuration automation tools, versioning tools (. GIT) , Container providers (. Docker);
  • Managerial skills, efficiency in coordinating meetings and solving problems, excellent communication skills;
  • Client-oriented, flexible, positive attitude;
  •  Autonomy, proactivity, analytical thinking;
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations;
  • Understanding and following the procedures and work instructions;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  • The ability to train and advise the team;
  • Autonomous, responsible, positive, flexible, proactive person.

Additional information

#LikeABosch Benefits:


  • Flexible benefits - On top of your salary, we offer you 2700 Ron / year, via your benefits account, which can be used according to your preferences;
  • The 13-th salary - Your contribution to Bosch is valuable. Celebrate a successful year with the 13th salary, just in time for the winter holidays; 
  • Meal tickets - A balanced diet includes at Least one hot meal per day, therefore we offer you meal tickets with a value of 13 Ron;
  • Flex-time possibility - We care about your personal schedule, therefore we try to offer you flexible working hours, according to personal and business needs. Please discuss with your team Leader;
  • Home office - We want you to work however fits you best. We offer the standard possibility to work from home 50% of the time. This percentage could be higher or Lower according to personal and business needs. Talk to your team Leader for detailed information. During pandemic times we take added care of your health and you will be working from home 100% of the time (for special situations you can come to the office);
  • Medical subscription - We know how important health is, so you get a medical subscription through the Regina Maria network, paid by the company;
  • Relocation package - If you're being recruited from  more than 50 km, we provide a standard relocation package of 500 Euro (conditions apply);
  • Referral bonuses - We build our teams on trust, so we encourage you to refer new candidates to us through our program: Recommend Bosch. For certain positions we will honor you with an attractive bonus;
  • Language courses - We invite you to learn new languages in your free time and get a discount of up to 600 Ron/module;
  • Professional development - Great opportunities to develop yourself within the company;
  • Life events celebration - Your family is growing while working at Bosch? We congratulate your newborn with a 1000 Euro bonus; 
  • Celebrate together - We Like to give presents to our Loved ones, therefore we offer you 150 Ron for Christmas. Your children will enjoy this benefit too, as they will also receive 150 Ron;
  • Unforeseen situations - In case of unfortunate events, we support you by offering you free days and financial support (handled on a case by case basis);
  • Growing number of vacation days - Work-life balance is essential for us, therefore we offer you 1 more day of vacation for every 2 years you spend in Bosch. We start with 21 days;
  • Sport benefits - Being active helps you in your personal and professional Life, so we encourage you to stay in shape by using the 7Card and the discount from Smartfit Studio; See also: flexible benefits;
  • Internal communities - You are welcome to become an active member of our internal communities;
  • Discounts to our partners - We have a strong network in our community so that we can offer you discounts to various business such as ISHO and others; 
  • Trainings and certifications -We believe in a Life-Long Learning approach, so we invite you to take part in technical and soft skills trainings;
  • Professional Development - Great opportunities to develop yourself within the company.
  • Team-buildings - We organize yearly team-building activities for your department, so you get to know each other and build trust among your peers;
  • International Assignments - You have the possibility to work on international projects with and in other Bosch Locations, as we have offices in more than 60 countries worldwide;
  • Diversity and multicultural mindset - More than 10 different nations are  represented  and  several  Languages are  spoken  by  our  colleagues. Diversity Day is a special day dedicated to sharing our diverse cultural experiences;
  • Bookster- the road to self improvement is paved by books. Borrow the books that interest you and your family through the Library that comes to your office.