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PHP Web Developer

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Ideal canditate:

We are looking for a new colleague to join our IT software development team. If you are passionate about technologies, interested to work within an organizational with a lot of projects in parallel, both to contribute to new applications implementation and on the optimization of the existing ones, we want you in our team!

Ideal candidate should be able to design, develop and deploy applications that meats business expectations. Those apps can be legacy or new. Candidate should involve into architectural decisions and design pattern.


We listed below the programming and technologies need. Not all required, but for sure a plus:

  • PHP with a 2+ years using min PHP version
  • SQL database query language for Postgresand Mysql is a must. Design and develop procedures is considered a plus
  • Familiar with PHP cli and various PHP written utilities for run on console
  • Symfony PHP framework - version 5 and older versions, starting with one. If other PHP frameworks are familiar, on short term we need you to be also familiar with Symfony
  • Package manager Composer or other PHP cli libraries
  • Easy to understand other PHP frameworks (custom or not)
  • Develop and use of REST APIs and other kind of services (SOAP, custom ones, etc) is considered a plus. If you are not familiar, willing to learn this programming approaches is required on short term
  • Understand HTTP protocol
  • Should cover OOP programming style, but also procedural for legacy applications
  • Design pattern should be MVC oriented and should be able to use and understand other design patterns or procedural styles
  • HTML markup language, medium level
  • XML - basic knowledge and understanding
  • CSS styling - basic to medium knowledge
  • Javascript front-site programming - familiar with vanilla javascript and jQuery, other frameworks or libraries like VUE, VUE router etc. and Webpack module builder are a plus
  • Clear understanding on client - server architecture with web server variation like Apache or Nginx, PHP applications served throughout PHP-FPM process manager and backed up by Postgres or MySql (MariaDB) databases.
  • Docker with various container orchestrator (kubernets, docker-compose) should be covered at least at “how it works” level
  • Linux cli environment is a plus
  • GIT versioning system