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At Meraki Medical we have Nursing vacancies across the UK in Residential, Nursing Home and Rehabilitation settings with fantastic rates of pay and training, all candidates must have a current NMC or one in process / passed IELTS.

Job Purpose To support the (Senior Nurse/ Home Manager) within the Home / Unit in providing leadership to the care team and effective 24hr management of the Home within the available resourceThe post holder will have a key responsibility for the quality of nursing assessment, care planning, implementation and evaluation and associated care staff training issues to ensure that at all times residents receive an excellent standard of
Take responsibility for the safeguarding of adults, and follow the Trust’s whistleblowing policy as required.
Job Dimensions (. budgetary or supervisory responsibilities)
Supervisory To have responsibility for the management and allocation of duties to care and support staff in the Home during the course of shift.
Communications with Others:
Internal Home Care and Nursing ColleagueResidentCatering, House keeping, Maintenance and Administrative StaffExternal Families, Carers & AdvocateLegal RepresentativeGPs, Social ServicePharmacistDistrict nurses, OTs & SALTs Other statutory service providers Voluntary organizations Education establishments
Principal Duties
Delivery of Care to Residents • To lead a team of care staff that provides excellence in clinical practice, and ensures that residents’ rights to privacy, dignity, choice, autonomy and safety are actively promoted at all time• To understand the value of and promote a stimulating and enriching environment conducive to the well being of residents, for whom the Home/ Unit is their long term place of residence . their home. • To demonstrate effective communication skills with residents, their families and friends, being aware of opportunities for health education; providing information and advice where appropriate. • To facilitate and engage in positive working relationships with GPs and the wider multidisciplinary team, including hospitals and local agencies, acting as the resident’s advocate where necessary  to ensure the best outcome
• To ensure that accountability for and communication of residents care is maintained consistently throughout the 24 hour period of care. • To undertake, in partnership with the resident where ever possible, the assessment of their care needs and develop resultant care plans, evaluating programmes of care as necessary and overseeing transfers of care, . to hospital. • To actively supervise and monitor care practices, identifying and responding appropriately to the changing needs of residents to ensure that care needs are consistently • To undertake all appropriate aspects of nursing care required, including advanced clinical skills having gained the appropriate training and supervision. • To undertake all care procedures and practices in accordance with Trust Care Policies and the current Marsden Manual. • To be fully aware of all agreed emergency procedures and be prepared to take a lead role in any acute or non clinical emergency, in the absence of more senior staff or until specialist assistance arrives.
Management / Education • In the absence of a Senior Nurse or Home Manager, whilst on duty, to be responsible for the fabric and running of the Home, ensuring that there are sufficient staff to carry out all duties whilst ensuring the Home continues to provide a safe and secure environment for residents and staff alike, conducive to their general well being. • To demonstrate effective time management and leadership skills and work closely with the Senior Nurse / Manager to develop own managerial skills. • To ensure procedures are correctly followed and accurate contemporaneous records of care documented and communicated effectively amongst the Care Team at all times. • To participate in the induction, mentorship, teaching and supervision of care staff and student nurses to the Home / Unit to enhance learning and improve outcome• To liaise with the relevant departments and agencies . kitchen, estates, NHS Supplies, pharmacy supplier, ensuring that supplies are available and relevant to the needs of the Home / Unit and are used efficiently.
Clinical Governance  • To take responsibility for own professional development and act as an effective role model. • To be aware of the NMC Code of Conduct and all OSJCT Policies and adhere to them at all times. • Ensure that NMC Registration is current. • To ensure that all medications, including controlled drugs are ordered, stored, administered and disposed of in accordance with the Trusts Medicines Policy, NMC and CQC guidance on drug administration • To discuss current performance and future development needs with Senior Nurse / Home Manager as part of the appraisal system. • To keep up to date with relevant research and developments in practice, attending relevant study days / courses as identified through the appraisal process or as part of mandatory • To maintain a professional portfolio • To work with other Trust staff to implement and participate in internal and external audits and other quality systems to maintain and continuously improve standards of care, through a culture of continuous quality improvement. • Ensure all health and safety requirement are met and all accidents and incidents reported to the Home Manager and reported in accordance with the Trust Incident • To be responsible for own health and safety and that of anybody else whom your acts or omissions may affect.  
General Requirements In addition to the above, there are some general requirements that apply to all jobs in the Home: • Take responsibility for the safeguarding of adults, and follow the Trust’s whistle blowing policy as required. • Participation in staff meetings • Participation in training activities • Participation in staff supervision and personal development review • Participation in quality assurance systems • Take responsibility for personal development by keeping abreast of developments in the field of caring for older people. • All duties must be carried out to comply with: - o Notification of accidents and other health and safety requirements o Statutory legislation in particular the health and hygiene regulations o Nationally and locally agreed codes of good practice o Fire precautions o Equal opportunity and the Trust’s anti-discriminatory policy.

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