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.NET Solution Architect

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• Collaborating with Lean Portfolio Management to provide a high-level vision of enterprise solutions and development initiatives

• Assisting the Agile Program Management Office (APMO) and Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) to identify and design development value streams

• Helping the value streams adhere to the budget guardrails for retiring solutions (horizon 0)

• Participating in the strategy for building and maintaining the architectural runway via Enabler Epics

• Understanding and communicating Strategic Themes, and other business drivers for architecture, to System and Solution Architects and non-technical stakeholders

• Driving architectural initiatives via enabler epics in the Portfolio Kanban system and participating in their analysis where applicable

• Influencing modeling, design, and coding practices

• Promoting Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps capabilities Collecting, generating, and analyzing innovative ideas and technologies to use across the business

• Facilitating the reuse of code, components, and proven patterns

• Synchronizing the following disciplines across Solutions whenever applicable: System and data security and quality

• Production infrastructure Solution user experience (Lean UX) Nonfunctional Requirements (NFRs)

Technical Requirements

• C# (.Net Development) – 5+ years of experience;
• C# - .Net Core – 3+ years of experience;
• Microservices – base knowledge required;
• WebApi – 2 years of experience;
• Entity Framework (and EF core) – 2 years of experience;
• Docker and Docker-Compose – base knowledge required;
• Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc) – basic knowledge required;
• Unit testing (xUnit, nUnit) – basic knowledge required;
• Source versioning tools (git) – basic knowledge required;
• Event-based communication (RabbitMQ) – minimum knowledge;
• gRPC – minimum knowledge;

Additional knowledge:
• NuGet packages – basic knowledge;
• PowerShell scripting – basic knowledge;
• Task management tools (Jira or Azure DevOps) – basic knowledge;
• . principles – good understanding;
• Kubernetes – minimum knowledge;
• Cloud base programming – minimum knowledge;
• SignalR – minimum knowledge;
• Collaboration tools (Confluence);
• Elastic search, Kibana, APM;
• Logging frameworks (Serilog, NLog).