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INACTIVE AD: The employer is not currently actively recruiting for this position, but you can apply for the ad.

Mobile iOS Developer

Karrier szint
Középfok (2-5 év), Szenior (5-10 év)
Foglalkoztatási típus
Teljes munkaidő
Ez a munka távolról is végezhető
Munkavégzés helye
Nettó havi bér
2000 - 4000 €
Helyek száma

Be part of our elite  team that is responsible for branching the company into iOS.

As we've grown our business from zero to hero, we need another mobile software engineer to help us grow.

We're completely autonomous. We:

  • perform competitive analysis
  • research features
  • rank features and decide what to do next
  • implement said features
  • analyse their impact
    • we're very big on Data. We measure the impact of each feature, be it a simple "color change" or a major new feature. Can't tell you how many times we expected X to happen and it didn't. 

Most importantly, there's no 3rd party client that dictates features nor 3 layers of managers. It's all down to us. We effectively operate as an autonomous start-up.

Want to try out SwiftUI? Sure thing, we already developed multiple apps this year.

Think whatever solution we have in place could be improved? Make a case for it and we can change it. 

Everyone in the team thinks about the end-to-end product, all the way from user acquisition, feature description down to monetization strategy. If you have an entrepreneurial/business mindset, you'll love it here!  


  • Own a task: have a principal role in designing, developing, releasing it into production and measuring its user impact (data analysis)
  • Participate in (informal) code reviews
  • Develop necessary backend functionality, when needed. We're using Spring Boot, Kotlin & AWS for the backend. Don't worry, you can learn these on the job.
    • If you know Swift, you already know Kotlin :). Except for that annoying let vs val.
  • Think about the end-to-end product 

What we're looking for?

  • someone that loves creating pixel perfect smooth experiences (or architectures)
  • at least 3 years experience in Swift and some familiarity with Objective C, if not experience. Do you know what MRR is/was?
    • you can compensate for the lack of the above if you can demonstrate the above pixel perfect  craftsmanship 
  • strong understanding of the iOS SDK and Cocoa
  • understand common programming concepts (OOP, functional, static vs dynamic typing, monolithic vs modular etc.)
  • working knowledge of HTTP, REST API

Nice to have

  • AWS experience. We mostly use RDS, EC2, ElasticBeanstalk, CloudWatch Logs & Metrics, Lambda
  • familiarity with SQL. This is needed for you to measure the user impact of your released task or have a sneak peek into the data. Don't worry, you can learn this on the job as well (or ask our BIAs about them).

We're offering you:

  • an attractive salary
  • achievement based bonus
    • remember when I said it's all down to us? The better we perform, the higher the bonus.
  • medical insurance
  • a work-life-fun balance (ping pong, foosball, massage chair, bi-yearly team buildings, etc.)
  • flexible work hours
  • no stress environment
  • great colleagues

Can't wait to meet you! 

  • Online interjú
  • What is Swift Evolution?
  • Name any tech (iOS?) blogs/newsletters you follow.
  • What is your favourite and least favourite iOS framework?
  • What does this code print? https:// pastebin .com / uqXkh9BY