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Mobile developer (remote)

Karrier szint
Középfok (2-5 év), Szenior (5-10 év)
Foglalkoztatási típus
Teljes munkaidő
Távmunka (otthonról végezhető tevékenység)
Angol - Alapszint
* minden nyelv kötelező
Nettó havi bér
2500 - 3000 €
Helyek száma

Net salaryEUR + benefits

About the job:

Role: Mid-Senior Mobile Developer (iOS or Android) with Flutter experience

Responsibilities: Development and maintenance for the Autowass Mobile application written in Flutter

Technology stack: Flutter +

Ideal candidate:

               Bachelor degree in computer science

               Experience with flutter and dart

               Experience with reactive programming patterns (provider pattern, redux, viper)

               Experience with working with hybrid mobile solutions

               Experience in working in  a component oriented fashion

               Experience with developing RESTful clients (retrofit, okhttp, dart http)

               Experience with designing reusable layouts

               Experience with App store deployment

               Experience with Play store deployments

General Description: 

Autowass is a digital marketplace that offers a "one stop shop” experience for everyone in the auto maintenance industry. It’s goal is to completely change the way that we think about handling car related issues.


On the client side, the solution exposes a set of web, android and ios apps that allow the users to create and manage a profile for their vehicles

On the service provider side, Autowass provides a business process automation tool that allows service providers ( repair shops, tyre shops, pickup services and so on) the possibility of handling customer orders by means of an integrated software solution, that increases operational efficiency tenfold.


We’re need you in our team so that we can take the solution to the next level, while we’re planning for a massive application roll-out in the upcoming months.

Will you join the mission of innovation the auto sector in Romania and then in Europe?

Loyalty and performance bonuses in the automotive industry