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A munkavégzés helyszíne(i)

Havi bruttó fizetés

400 - 800 €

The perfect part-time opportunity!

I want to find & hire a ppt-, xls-literate, English-speaking colleague, who can ramble on with me and my team at minimum 2 sites. With 4+ clients...

What's the deal?

Loads of exciting projects, experience, fun people to work with :)

Heavy-duty number- & slide-crunching, for real!

And real clients', real consultants' hot projects.

If I were to start or reboot a career, I'd love to do it like this.

Some more details: 

- 20hrs per week to some extent flexibly, but typically 10:00-14:00 at one of 2 offices in Budapest (9th or 11th district, depending on actual tasks) or occasionally at client premises.

- process (BPR), project, business case knowledge really is an asset 

- a BSc in business or IT rocks but let's focus on the above first