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HW Lead Engineer for Camera - ADAS TSR

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HW Lead Engineer for Camera - ADAS TSR

Job Description

In the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems department are developed products and systems based on intelligent Camera sensors that are able to “see” and collect details from traffic in the surrounding area of the vehicles. The used sensors contain very powerful digital processing units that are able to run intelligent processing algorithms for Images signals trough which the high volume of information from traffic is analyzed and translated in actions and decisions which are transmitted to the driver trough visual or acoustic information or direct take the control of the vehicle brakes, acceleration and direction.

ADAS Camera Products implement safety and comfort functions for drivers, based on image processing technologies, by monitoring the position of the vehicle in traffic, determining and monitoring the potential hazardous obstacles in area that surrounds the vehicle. The Lane Departure Warning protects drivers from unintentional lane changes while he’s tired.

The Hardware Lead Engineer is responsible for:

  • Clarifying the requirements for HW with Customers;
  • Create HW Block Diagram;
  • Create Overall HW Planning including Work products for HW discipline;
  • Integrating the schematic and create Documents for sample builds ( BOM / ASSY DRW);
  • Review and release the HW documentation;
  • Supporting the EMC performance investigations;
  • Reviewing with PCB design engineers and Modules responsible the layout design;
  • Collaborating to creation of HW/SW interface specifications;
  • Collaborating with the SW team in developing the embedded SW application;
  • Collaborating with SW PM/ System Lead / MD LE / Production;
  • Coordinate the HW development team and track the HW milestones.

As HW LE Engineer you will have the opportunity to travel around the world to work inside multicultural teams of experts and experience the new cutting-edge technologies.

Job Requirements:

  • University Degree or students in areas: Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer Science, Informatics;
  • Knowledge in digital and analog electronic design;
  • Knowledge in handling electronic test equipment (Oscilloscopes, Multimeters…etc);
  • Knowledge of a tool for schematic design (. Orcad Schematic, Pads Dx Designer ...etc.);
  • Basic knowledge of a tool for HW simulations (. PSpice...etc);
  • English language skills.
  • Basic knowledge in embedded SW (Assembly language, C or C++) would be a plus;
  • Knowledge in any of the next areas would be a plus: Camera/Image sensors.

What we offer:

  • Integration Program in a professional, professional, young & dynamic team;
  • Competitive Salaries & Benefits;
  • Health & Wellness (Private Health and Life Insurance, Sport activities etc.);
  • Professional Development Opportunities (in Technical and Managerial Area);
  • Stability;
  • International Work Environment & Traveling Opportunities;
  • Flexibility Program including flexible hours, mobile work and sabbaticals.

About Continental:

The Autonomous Mobility and Safety Business Area integrates safety technologies and controls vehicle dynamics to ensure safe and comfortable driving. The objective is to implement "Vision Zero", the vision of accident-free driving. Autonomous Mobility and Safety's components and system capabilities are prerequisites for autonomous mobility.